Since inception, evolution has always led humanity into new discoveries. This year 2019 is another exciting moment in time, as one of the most anticipated innovation is about to invade your TV screen. Next superstar reality TV show is a one house of GLAMOUR, EXHIBITION and FAME for diverse talents and characters to explore, a unique content with lots of twist and glitz, featuring 60 days of uninterrupted entertainment that will attract and keep millions of viewer’s glue to their TV screen.

Next Superstar brings the housemates, from diverse background and ethnicity under one roof of glitz and glamour, to contest for the uncommon throne of fame which offers a brand new car, cash price of #2,000,000 and other exclusive consolation prizes for the winners.

The housemates will be living together in one mansion full of emotional, mental and physical challenge, as each days/weeks will unfold different kind of task to be faced by the housemates, whose battle is to become the next superstar 2019.

The house will be under 24/7 camera surveillance as the housemates; battles to survive the game. The thrilling part of this show will be revealed in the house. Then, you will be like, “wow! I never see it coming”. So be the first to set your time correctly and be ready to vote for your favorite housemate.

The show which is to be shown on Dstv channel 189 and Gotv channel ---, will be extremely enticing, entertaining as it will be expressing the real life of some interesting duos on screen, coupled with lots of electrifying exhibitions, thrilling games, though task and so much MORE.

We are obsess by our aspiration for motivating, harnessing and creating an entertaining platform of exposure and support to help drive young talents/ambitions and brands into actualizing their stardom dreams. We are at the shore of bringing you the best and noting but the best. WATCH OUT FOR NEXT SUPERSTAR REALITY TV SHOW SEASON ONE.