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As part of actualizing our aspiration, we launched one of the biggest searchlight into major cities of Nigeria with massive automatic ticket opportunities ranging from winners car prediction, golden ticket raffle draw to wildcard challenge. The audition was launched into 7 major cities in Nigeria. Hope you did not miss any?


Lagos audition was massive and full of unexpected surprises as young ambitious men and women of age 18 and above trooped into the venue to take over the limelight. One of the contestants was so lucky to have won a golden ticket through raffle draw

The magic was charming the fun was a tip of the iceberg; the vibes almost reveal the writing on the wall. If you weren’t there, you have just missed the cover, but don’t learn to miss the content as it is about to hit your TV screen soon.


Next was the way in which Abuja was invaded, the audition was a mark of a new dawn, filled with exceptional personalities who storm the venue to snatch the search light with their ambition. Here, two contestant where able to pull themselves into the house through the golden ticket raffle draw.


The audition took a new look in Benin as the duos expresses their magic with full confidence. One participant brought luck to live as the raffle draw delivered to her a golden automatic ticket into the house. The searchlight illuminated the whole atmosphere signifying that everyone had the tendency of a star, but that of a superstar is a question of time


Igbo kwenu! Kwenu!! Kwezenuuooo!!! The vibes was so loud and full of live. This people had so much of potentials worth waiting for. If you don’t have a TV set, it is time to go borrow one because you can’t be left out of the fun.


Who runs the show? Who blow the loudest horn? Hmm! don’t be tempted to stay without subscribing your DSTV and GOTV this season because Portharcourt and it neighborhood are up to something thrilling, something you wouldn’t like to miss. The characters here were so amazing.


No wonder Nigeria’s Heritage is not complete without Calaber. Was almost tempted to make declarations but I handed it over to time. My advice to all is to watch out for that magical moment that 2019 is about to unfold. Because calaber audition was full of interesting people who is expected to keep you entertained